How to submit your application
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Author:  Antaeus [ Sat Oct 21, 2000 12:01 am ]
Post subject:  How to submit your application

Please read through this whole thread, you don't want to miss valuable information that will help you in this thread.

How to Apply

1) Read the topics in this forum to help you with your application and knowledge about us.
Review our requirements here.
Read our rules here.

2) Register an account on our forums.
Click Here and create an account on our forums. (Alternatively, scroll up and find the 'Register' link on the top left.) You do not have to create an account using your RuneScape name. Names deemed inappropriate will be deleted. DO NOT use your RuneScape password. As with any password, make sure it is not easy for someone to guess. If you don't post your application during the 1st month after registration, your account will be deleted.

3) Submit an application in the Application forum.
Go to the Applications forum to create a new post. Please use your RS name in the title. Post your application.

Application should have at least this information:
*Picture of your stats or a level signature
*Introduction of yourself (Something about your life and RS-career that you want to share)
*Location (Country) and Timezone (Include relation to GMT/UTC if you know)
*Why do you want to join ZP?
*How did you find out about ZP?
*Referrals (write the names of the people who referred you, if you don't have them yet you can edit names here later)

Make sure your stats appear properly in your application so we can confirm you meet the requirements. The introduction can include any info that you would like to share. From IRL likes/dislikes and other information to RS-related things like your rs-history, favourite minigame(s), or skill(s), or things to kill, it's all good. :)

4) Meet with ZP
Get to know clan members in our clan chat (CC name: Zeitphasm). Guests (non-ranked players) are welcome to join the chat. Familiarize yourself with the clan and let others get to know you. If a clan member feels that you would be a good addition to ZP, they will give you a referral. If they say you have their referral, be sure that they post a confirmation in your application.

5) Check your application and the forums
Check the forum periodically. Remember that your referrers must also post on your application. Once your application is accepted, your forum account status will be changed and you will then be able to view the entire forum. Remember that you must frequently participate in forums and we also like to see our members in events as often as it's possible for them. Members whose forum accounts are inactive (without notice post) will be removed from the clan and their forum accounts deleted. Hope you enjoy your time in ZeitPhasm as much as we do. :D

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